In today's era of globalization, the medical field is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In order to effectively acquire, disseminate and apply medical knowledge and technology, and to improve human health and living standards, we have created and, aiming to build an internationalized, specialized and digitized medical information service platform, and to provide all-around support and assistance to people in the medical field.          The responsibility of medicine lies in promoting the harmonious development of society. As a service and technology-integrated discipline, the development of medicine cannot be separated from the support and recognition of the society. Doctors need to actively participate in social welfare and contribute to the harmonious development of society. Doctors need to pay attention to the health problems of the society, actively participate in public health promotion and education, and improve the public's health awareness and quality. Medical technology needs to provide doctors with strong underlying technical support, and the public needs to give doctors more recognition and support.
         The responsibility of medicine is not only to provide medical services for patients, but also to contribute to the cause of human health. Doctors need to continuously improve their professionalism and quality, actively participate in medical research and innovation, and promote the development of medical science and technology to provide patients with more advanced and effective medical services. At the same time, doctors also need to abide by medical ethics and professional morals, pay attention to social health issues, and contribute to the harmonious development of society.

World Medicine Public Service Initiative