World Medical Network [Industrial Park] information platform advantages:

In order to promote the flow of information on industrial parks, accelerate industrial aggregation and industrial optimization, World Medical Network has built this platform for both supply and demand sides of the industry.

Industrial parks and enterprises include the following fields: medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biological products, health care products and nutritional food, medical checkups, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, management software hardware products, rehabilitation products, personal health products, hospital operations and other industries, of which the pharmaceutical industry, including: chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicines, antibiotics, biological products, biochemical pharmaceuticals, radioactive drugs, medical devices, sanitary materials, pharmaceutical machinery, and pharmaceutical packaging materials. and are world oriented medical platforms, the advantage of which is that people in the field of medicine from all over the world visit every day through the Medicine keyword. The demand and supply information you submit will be synchronized for the world.

Steps to operate the platform:
1. Campus party:

Step 1: The park party uploads the information to the center of the platform and needs to provide: park information and contact information;

Step 2: The platform utilizes various resources and channels to quickly find the demand side;

Step 3: After successful matching, both parties will sign a contract with the assistance of World Medical Network.

2. Demand side:

Step 1: Enterprises fill in the specific needs, need to provide: demand information and contact information;

Step 2: The platform integrates all kinds of resources to help enterprises quickly locate the matching park;

Step 3: After successful matching, both parties sign a contract, assisted by World Medical Network.

The information is currently submitted through the Information Center.

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