Recruitment - Medical Editors: (collectively, multi-directional positions)

2023-09-15 09:24

Medical Editors: (collectively, multi-directional positions)   

Valid period: long-term recruitment
Job responsibilities: 1. topic planning: responsible for the company's medical or health, micro letter column planning, including column selection, column form, column copy planning, etc. 2. data collection: responsible for the timely collection, collation and analysis of developments in the field of medicine; proficient in reading the English literature; able to retrieve medical literature according to the project requirements. 3. copywriting: from the user's point of view, the medical content in a Simple and easy-to-understand expression for organizing and editing, responsible for the quality of the content, to ensure the accuracy and attractiveness of the content.4. Expert maintenance: maintain the relationship of experts in various medical fields, good at communicating and exchanging with experts, and obtain expert support and guidance in the editing process.5. Medical support: medical support for the company's various projects as well as products, to ensure the quality of the company's medical-related projects.6.
6. Medical journal editing, SCI medical paper coloring, medical compilation, medical English SCI papers, medical journal catalogs and other editing, proofreading and revision work. Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above in medicine or pharmacy, with medical editing, website, media and other work experience is preferred.
2. Strong ability in topic planning and information editing, excellent writing skills and writing ability is preferred. 3. Strong sensitivity, experience in content planning for microblogging, weibo, and self-media is preferred. 4. Ability to make full use of foreign network resources in related fields, good medical English is preferred. 5. Good at learning, strong logical thinking, good at analyzing and solving problems. 6. Strong sense of responsibility, good Good communication skills, able to withstand a certain degree of work pressure, love the cause of health, and hope to grow with the team.
Career development direction:
1. Q&A 2. medical book and literature editing/proofreading 3. medical translation 4. public media submission 5. science text writing 6. conferences and exhibitions 7. expert liaison

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