Invitation to cooperate - project cooperation

2023-09-15 09:26

Letter of Invitation

Dear Friends:

        Starting from the goal, mission,orientation, business planning and management concept of itself,we are now subcontracting the various sections of in terms ofcountries or regions and business categories as subcontracting units, adoptingthe subcontracting and co-construction mode, and inviting partners toparticipate in the contracting and construction together.

        We sincerely invite high-level partnersfrom all over the world, including suppliers, research institutions andoutstanding people to participate.

Suppliers: must be ranked in the top threein the industry field in their region.

Research Institutions: Top 3 in theirregion in their industry field.

Distinguished Individuals: Medicalprofessionals who have made significant contributions to their field and arerecognized worldwide; non-medical professionals who have demonstratedextraordinary professional competence, outstanding achievements or managerialability, and business success.

        We believe that through our joint efforts,we can make a greater contribution to the world of medicine and human health.

Thank you very much for your participation!


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