2023 China International Dental Equipment Expo(CDS)

2023-09-16 17:57

2023 China International Dental Equipment Expo(CDS)

China International Dental Equipment and Equipment Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 12-15, 2023, jointly organized by the Chinese Stomatological Association and Reed Sinopharm Exhibition Co., LTD. The exhibition covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and nearly 400 enterprises, thousands of dental experts, and more than 10,000 professional visitors and buyers attended the event. Nearly 400 domestic and foreign famous dental enterprises and their brands participated in the exhibition, such as Starman, Yingweida, Boendent, Aiqi, Dengteng, 3M, BEGO,Altron, Sinophasic Oral Medicine, Zhengli Technology, Yinli Medical, SumaiMedical, Songbai Dental, Meizhongyi, Xinya Medical, Tianying Medical, etc. The exhibition shows the latest scientific and technological achievements of dental equipment at home and abroad through the offline presentation, such as high-end AI intelligent implant robots, high-precision imaging equipment,multi-functional dental treatment beds and new materials auxiliary consumables

The opening of the 25th National Stomatological Conference (2023 Academic Annual Meeting), with the theme of "Healthy mouth protects natural teeth".

The President of the Chinese Stomatological Association Guo Chuan unveiled the new policy of "Intelligent pilotage for healthy oralcavity", and the operation of the national science popularization education base will be supervised and reviewed by the China Association for Science and Technology, which will contribute more to the dissemination of oral health knowledge and the improvement of public oral health literacy.

The exhibition carries out academic exchanges from all walks of life through the organization of conferences and forums.

Well-known universities and hospitals in China shared their academic achievements instomatology, and disseminated the latest research results in this field by means of wall posters, pictures and texts and on-site interpretation.

This activity was warmly praised by the participants, leading a new trend of popularizing oral health knowledge and further promoting the development of oral health education. The exhibition is a response to the national strategic development, and also a specific measure to deepen the international exchangeof China's stomatology.

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