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2023-09-16 17:59

Chinese Stomatological Association


On the morning of September 12, 2023, the 25th National Conference of Stomatology was opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. A total of 172 council members attended the meeting, 5 supervisors and 25 committee chairs attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting heard the annual work report of Chairman Guo Chuan-plan on the Chinese Stomatological Association, and the annual work report of Professor Shang Zhengjun, Executive Chairman of IADR China Branch, and Professor Chen Qian-ming, Secretary-General of ICD China. The meeting completed all the set agenda as required.

Chinese Stomatological Association President Guo Chuan unveiled a new theme for the 2024-2026 Academic Conference - "Intelligent Pilotage for Healthy Mouth". As a representative result of the theme of "Healthy Mouth Protects sudden Teeth" in the past three years, the Chinese Stomatological Association issued two position statements: "Protect natural teeth and Maintain Oral Health" and "Wear sports protective braces to prevent oral and maxillofacial trauma". Li Dachuan, Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Administration of the National Health Commission, Yu Tao, Deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, Wu Hong, Director of the Medical Administration and Management Department, Liang Jingping, President of the Shanghai Stomatological Association, and Jiang Xin-quan, Executive director of the School of Stomatology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, delivered speeches to extend warm congratulations on the opening of the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice President Wang Songling, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Ten institutions selected and recommended by the Chinese Stomatological Association and selected as the national Science Popularization Education base in 2021-2025 by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology were awarded the plaque of "National Science Popularization Education Base" issued by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology during the 25th Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Stomatological Association. The national science popularization education base was determined by the China Association for Science and Technology on the recommended applicants, on-site sampling and evaluation, and after the public no objection, the official announcement of the recognition results. In the future, we also expect that more units will be recognized as the national science Popularization base of China Association for Science and Technology, which will contribute to the dissemination of oral health knowledge and the improvement of public oral health literacy.

The Chinese Journal of Dental Research (CJDR) has released the list of "highly cited Scholars" in Shanghai. CJDR was included in MedLine in 2010 and ESCI in 2017. CJDR obtained its first impact factor of 0.9 in 2023. In order to encourage the submission of high-quality papers, increase citations, and enhance the international influence of CJDR, the Society has published the list of "authors of CJDR highly cited papers" and "Scholars of CJDR highly cited papers" every year since 2020.

On September 13, under the guidance of the Science Popularization Department of China Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Stomatological Association sponsored the "Exhibition and Exchange activity of college students' dental popular science Works wall Poster" during the 25th National Conference of Stomatology of Chinese Stomatological Association. Professor Bai Yuxing, Vice President of the Chinese Stomatological Association attended the meeting and delivered a speech, Professor Sun Zheng, Professor Tai Baojun, Professor Lin Huancai, Professor Lu Youguang and other experts attended the event, and researcher Tang Qin, Deputy secretary-general of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, was invited to participate in the meeting and to share and display their works. The activity was warmly praised by the participants, which led a new trend of popularizing oral health knowledge and further promoted the development of oral health education.

The conference was highly praised and recognized by the industry colleagues for its rich content, which played a positive role in further spreading new knowledge and new ideas and popularizing oral health throughout the country.

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