Entrepreneurship Channel 1. to promote the progress of the industry and the achievement of talents, and to integrate worldwide resources to support the entrepreneurial employment of talents;
Entrepreneurial Pathway for GP/Specialist Clinics (for Hong Kong Region)

Comply with Hong Kong's medical ethical standards, e.g. have no criminal record, have not had their medical license revoked, and have good professional conduct and moral character;

have certain clinical experience and skills, and be able to provide high quality medical services

Have sufficient capital to support the operation and development of the clinic; this includes rent, staff salaries, equipment costs, etc;

Provide a detailed business plan, including market analysis, target customer base, marketing strategy, etc;

Comply with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong, such as tax regulations, health regulations, etc;

Providing sufficient guarantees to protect the interests of customers; this includes property guarantees, credit guarantees, etc;

Attendance of relevant training and assessment to demonstrate their ability and qualification to run a clinic;

a minimum of one shareholder and director.

Registered address, which must be a valid address in Hong Kong.

Registered Secretary, who must be a Hong Kong permanent resident and a limited company.

Have years of study experience in Hong Kong and Commonwealth countries, comply with the Hong Kong Medical Council's Code of Professional Conduct for Registered Medical Practitioners, and meet the government's requirements on the length of time and experience of working in public hospitals.

Dental clinic start-up access

1. Growing Oral Health Awareness: Dental clinics are facing a growing demand as people pay more attention to their oral health. More and more people are focusing on oral hygiene and aesthetics and are willing to seek professional treatments and services offered by dental clinics, which provides great opportunities for dental clinics.

2. Advancement in technology: Technology in the field of dentistry continues to advance, such as 3D printing technology, digital dental equipment and minimally invasive surgery, which provides dental clinics with a higher level of diagnostic and treatment capabilities and more advanced treatment options. Such technological advances not only improve treatment outcomes, but also enhance patient experience and satisfaction, opening up opportunities for dental clinics.

3. Trend of aging population: As the trend of aging population increases, so does the prevalence of oral diseases. There is an increased focus on oral health issues among the elderly, who need more care in terms of oral health and treatment, which provides opportunities for dental clinics.

Similarly, the dental clinic market is highly competitive, with a large number of dental clinics in many areas and a wide range of choices for patients. Therefore, dental clinics need to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing quality services and differentiated treatment options.

Chinese Medicine Clinic and Physical Therapy Store Startup Channel

With the government's support and promotion of Chinese medicine, the outlook for the Chinese medicine clinic market remains optimistic. In the coming years, the TCM clinic market will further expand and TCM will be more recognized and applied globally. More and more people are focusing on the efficacy of TCM and healthcare, thus making TCM clinics one of the most important choices for them to seek treatment and healthcare. The growth potential of the TCM clinic market is huge, attracting more and more investors and practitioners to enter this field.

Popularization of TCM: popularizing the knowledge of TCM

Systematization of Chinese medicine: systematic inheritance and development of Chinese medicine by modern scientific means

Recreationalization of Chinese medicine: deepening the field of recreation, and benefiting the aging group.

Intellectualization of Chinese medicine: provide efficiency, so that more people can enjoy the dividends of intelligent inheritance and development of Chinese medicine.

Scale-up of Chinese medicine: provide productivity, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of Chinese medicine.

Globalization of Chinese medicine: let the culture and medicine of Chinese medicine penetrate into the world, and let the world recognize the bright civilization of Chinese medicine.

State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the issuance of Chinese medicine health care service norms (for trial implementation) notice
Medical Beauty Store Startup Channel

Love of beauty, with the improvement of people's income level and the continuous maturation of medical technology, more and more consumers began to focus on becoming "beautiful", medical beauty market this piece of "cake" is also bigger and bigger, the amount of consumption is expected to achieve a 20% growth rate, and the next four years the market is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 15%. The market is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 15% in the next four years.

Rapid expansion of industry scale

Broad market prospects

Technological change brings new opportunities

Focus on specialization

Hair Transplant and Hair Care Store Startup Channel

Hair loss is mainly characterized by a progressive decrease in hair density, and the onset of the disease is mainly related to congenital factors, but with the changes in the habits of modern people, the stress of life leads to dietary and work and rest irregularities can also aggravate hair loss. Medical research has shown that overwork, incorrect hair care and poor work and rest habits have a higher probability of inducing hair loss. The age structure of the main group of people suffering from hair loss is rapidly becoming younger. Unhealthy diet, excessive psychological pressure and excessive use of electronic devices are making hair loss more and more serious among young workers.

The process of hair transplantation involves extracting hair follicles from the occipital area with high quality hair follicles, separating them into single or multiple follicular units, and transplanting them into exposed and thinning hair areas with the help of special instruments and fine microscopic techniques to make the hair follicles survive in the new area and grow healthy new hair. In general, the hair transplant industry can be further subdivided according to the specific needs of users into hair transplantation, hairline adjustment, eyebrow transplantation, eyelash transplantation, beauty tip transplantation, beard transplantation, sideburns transplantation, etc., with hair transplantation being the main one. Each subdivided program can meet the different needs of different people, such as hairline adjustment for people with high or low hairline, and sideburns planting for people with no sideburns or defective sideburns.

The main support direction of this field of entrepreneurship of the world medical network is: through the traditional medicine, modern medicine and the integrated use of advanced materials and equipment, dietary therapy, physiotherapy, medical integrated services. Provide professional technology, professional management support for people who are interested in this field of entrepreneurship to provide comprehensive support.

Recreation and Nutritional Medicine Community Terminal Stores

Chinese medicinal cuisine has a long history, can cure diseases, can also be health care to strengthen the body, has a high nutritional value, by some consumers. The medicinal diet originated in China's traditional diet and traditional Chinese medicine dietary culture, medicinal diet is in Chinese medicine, culinary science and nutritional theory under the guidance of the strict according to the medicinal formula, will be the Chinese medicine and some of the medicinal value of the food match. It is the product of the combination of traditional Chinese medical knowledge and cooking experience, it is medical in food, not only the drug as food, but also food endowed with medicinal, both with high nutritional value, but also prevention and treatment of disease, health care and health, prolong life.

Can be divided into a pharmaceutical license and to treat disease-based medicinal diet, similar to the Chinese medicine hall, as well as only need a food hygiene license, food and beverage license, business license and other nutritional diet.

Classification of therapeutic efficacy of medicinal diets:

Health care category

This kind of food is for the different conditions of the human body, cast different food diet, so as to achieve the maintenance of the health of the organism and chronic diseases to seek early recovery of the efficacy. For example, the obese person can use the product of weight loss, the thin person can use the food of fattening, the person with poor intelligence can use the medicinal food of increasing intelligence and strength, the person with poor eyesight chooses the product of bright eyesight, the person who does not have a deaf ear can use the medicinal food of deafness, and the person who asks for the beauty of black hair has the corresponding diet.


For example, if the climate is changeable in the spring and you often suffer from colds, you can take the corresponding preventive medicinal diets to prevent it; in the summer, to prevent heat stroke, we can use mung bean soup and so on, to give play to its function of clearing heat and preventing summer dampness, and so on.


After a serious illness, the human body is weakened, it can be used to support positive and solidify the original class of medicinal food, to promote early recovery.


This type of diet is for a certain disease and the identification of the symptoms of the diet, in order to achieve pathological changes in the improvement or recovery possible.

The technology-based categorization includes:

Bioengineering category: new nutritional and healthy food for human consumption pioneered by utilizing biotechnology;

Natural health care category: traditional medicinal diets, supplemented by modernized processing of tonic food, which can promote the recovery of patients or the third state of its function;

Nutritional and cosmetic category: can both enhance physical fitness and protect skin health.

Rehabilitation and Sports Health Community Stores

Professional medical level and rehabilitation fitness

Innovative smart AI exercise rehabilitation equipment

Nutrition and healthy diet guidance

Gain a healthy body and show off your exercise results at the same time


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